Mediumship with the Petit Lenormand

Presented by Michelle Barrie

As Cartomancers it is understood that the messages we receive through our readings are from spirit. But “spirit” is a general term for the many types of beings that wish to communicate with us. Especially our loved ones. Join Michelle Barrie and you will learn how to connect with the loved ones, friends, neighbors, pets, etc. using the Petit Lenormand system. Her Mediumship spread makes it possible to describe their personality, their connection with the Querent, details about their relationship, their gender, what they did for work, plus provide a direct message. FYI . . . This system works just as well with Tarot and Charms!

Tarot For Families with Aunt Lily’s Tarot

Presented by Claire Lily

Please join me where I will be explaining how a visit up to my in-laws in the summer of 2020 lead to the creation of Aunt Lily’s Tarot Deck. Also, I’ll explain how the tarot can be a helpful tool with communication between all family members especially parents/guardians and kids. I will be giving some ideas of how to work as a family unit and have fun by engaging in activities, all centered around the tarot. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Art of Visual Communication

Presented by Ciro Marchetti

Looking back at almost 18 years involved with Tarot?? It’s been quite a journey. I’ll be discussing how and why I initially got involved. What was my preparation and approach, and how that changed over the years. Reviewing what hopefully worked but also what didn’t. A general summary of the power of imagery and its application to cartomancy. A creative process that required a balance of both respecting tradition but also challenging it. A closer look at a number of cards from several of my decks, with a more in depth explanation of them, pointing out details and context that may not be initially apparent. But in doing so may provide different perspectives to consider in a reading.

Pitched to Published: Writing for The Cartomancer 101

Presented by Amber Highland

The Cartomancer is enjoyed by beginner and seasoned divination enthusiasts alike covering topics such as; the art of cartomancy, metaphysics, holistic personal and business guidance. We share dynamic interviews, deck & book reviews, and personal anecdotes. While providing quality content we strive to include authors that provide diverse and inclusive voices. Magazine writing is a craft that stands apart from the kind of writing you tend to encounter in newspapers, journals, essays, or books. In this session Amber presents steps that will guide you through the process of submitting content to The Cartomancer Magazine including: choosing an angle and targeting your pitch. Bring an oracle, tarot, or Lenormand deck for interactive inspiration.