Michelle Barrie

Spiritual Teacher & Cartomancer

Michelle Barrie is a Spiritual Teacher and Cartomancer based in southeastern Florida with over 15 years of experience in sharing her knowledge and gifts with the public. She is also a Certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Cartomantic Medium & Intuitive, Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Physical Therapy Assistant.  As a young child, she began experiencing the paranormal, which led her to mastering and exploring many forms of divination and energy healing modalities. As a Spiritual Teacher, she offers a variety of workshops including Lenormand Cards, The Art of Reading Tea Leaves, Aura reading workshops, Mediumship through Cartomancy, Psychic Development workshops, Past Life Regressions, Charm Casting, Reiki Healings/Circles/Certification classes, Sound Healing and Guided Meditations. Helping others to deepen their connection to their Angels, Spirit Guides, and their Higher Selves is always the core of her intentions, so that they can heal and live their best possible life. Love, compassion, and intention are the core of all of her services, and it is her utmost joy to share them with you.

Past Life Regression & Visit to the Interlife

Join Michelle Barrie as she takes you on a transformative exploration through a Past Life Regression and Interlife experience, delving into the depths of your soul’s history.   Michelle will guide you on a journey through the Hallway of Mirrors to meet the many versions of you, and then you’ll visit the Interlife, where your Soul goes between lives. This immersive journey is designed to help you uncover the profound connections and patterns influencing your present life.  Gain insights into issues, unexplained fears, and attractions to help bring clarity, understanding, and healing to your current life.

The Petit Tableau: Expanded Spread

Welcome to “The Petite Tableau: Expanded Spread,” a captivating Lenormand workshop that will help enhance your divination skills. This simple technique was born from the desire to unravel the mysteries of what lies ahead during a reading without having to shuffle and recast the cards.

Led by the seasoned expert Michelle Barrie, this workshop begins with a review of the foundational steps for interpreting the Petite Tableau in its conventional form, then delving into the possibilities of the future with the expanded technique. This spread creates an interesting “network” of repeated messages and connections and is a great way to receive clarity for the future.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your Lenormand skills and witness the intricate threads that weave through the cards with “The Petite Tableau Expanded Spread.”

Oracular Intentions Sound Bath Meditation with Michelle Barrie

Join Michelle for a tarot-inspired meditative sound bath to help you set your intentions for the conference and the new year.

*Please bring a Tarot Major Arcana deck (or alternate oracle that you are already familiar with) and, if possible, a yoga mat or beach towel and a sweater + socks or blanket to ensure maximum comfort while reclined during your sound bath experience. If you are not physically comfortable resting on the floor for the sound bath, chairs will also be available.

Lenormand Meet & Greet Workshop

Come make new friends in this fun and enlightening workshop while you learn to do a reading using the Lenormand divination system.  Imagine asking your cards. “Tell me something about my new friend,” and being able to look at your spread and have the cards provide information you could not have known.

The Lenormand system is known for its incredible accuracy, on-point descriptive abilities, clarity, and simplicity. It can literally describe your personality, tell us what you do for work, describe your state of mind and health and more.

If you are joining us in person and do not have a deck, no worries, we will have extras to lend you.

A Lenormand interpretation cheat sheet will be provided for all attendees, both in person and online.

Panel Discussion: Game of Fortune

It may not be the Oracle of Delphi but the GAME OF FORTUNE – Panel Tarot Readings using a Wheel of Fortune to choose the reader – will combine chance and reading skill in a way that is sure to be as entertaining as it will be enlightening.  We will have three tarot readers ready to read for online and in-person participants’ specific questions.

A spin of the wheel will determine which reader will answer each question. The exercise is designed to showcase a variety of reading styles as well as give us a chance to mix it up Tarot style, play, and have fun.  

Mediumship with the Petit Lenormand

As Cartomancers it is understood that the messages we receive through our readings are from spirit. But “spirit” is a general term for the many types of beings that wish to communicate with us. Especially our loved ones. Join Michelle Barrie and you will learn how to connect with the loved ones, friends, neighbors, pets, etc. using the Petit Lenormand system. Her Mediumship spread makes it possible to describe their personality, their connection with the Querent, details about their relationship, their gender, what they did for work, plus provide a direct message. FYI . . . This system works just as well with Tarot and Charms!

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