Amber Highland

Publisher of The Cartomancer Magazine

Amber Highland – In addition to her role as publisher and executive editor of The Cartomancer Magazine, Amber is a wholistic health practitioner, empowerment coach, freelance editor, educator, writer, and podcaster.

Amber Highland Interviews Christiana Gaudet

Amber Highland is the editor of the Cartomancer and a presenter for StaarCon 2022 and 2023. She asks StaarCon founder and producer Christiana Gaudet some questions.

In this episode you can peek into the philosophies behind StaarCon, and why StaarCon is a unique tarot conference.

Christiana Gaudet is a full-time tarot professional with more than twenty-five years’ experience. She and Amber discuss her history as a tarot pro, and how that journey has led to producing an international tarot conference.

The A and I of It All: Using Tarot to Assimilate and Implement Large Amounts of Information

No, no. It’s not that AI.  

This workshop is designed to educate participants on utilizing tarot cards to process and manage large volumes of information. The workshop’s main objectives are for attendees to understand the application of tarot cards in assimilating information and integrating its practice into their personal routines. 

Tips for Creating an Interesting and Useful Deck Review

Up For Review

Excited by a deck recently released from your favorite publisher? Want to share your latest tarot or oracle deck crush with everyone? In “Up for Review”, Amber Highland reveals tips to formulating interesting and useful cartomancy deck reviews. The information presented will help you to develop your unique perspective into concise and clear language suitable for publication or social media presentation.

Pitched to Published: Writing for The Cartomancer 101

The Cartomancer is enjoyed by beginner and seasoned divination enthusiasts alike covering topics such as; the art of cartomancy, metaphysics, holistic personal and business guidance. We share dynamic interviews, deck & book reviews, and personal anecdotes. While providing quality content we strive to include authors that provide diverse and inclusive voices. Magazine writing is a craft that stands apart from the kind of writing you tend to encounter in newspapers, journals, essays, or books. In this session Amber presents steps that will guide you through the process of submitting content to The Cartomancer Magazine including: choosing an angle and targeting your pitch. Bring an oracle, tarot, or Lenormand deck for interactive inspiration.

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