Presented by Brenda Elizabeth
Moderated by by Mitchell Osborn

Use Tarot and your intuition to gain insight into your dreams. Learn fascinating and easy methods to interpret your dreams and understand the deeper meaning of signs and symbols in your dreams.

Presented by Beverly Frable
Moderated by by

Join me as I present an overview of Ogham, a Celtic alphabet dating back to the 700 ? 500 BCE! Learn why many believe that this alphabet was actually used as one of the earliest known divination systems. We'll also be discussing the Celt's belief that each Ogham had an association with a specific tree and the unique mystical energies of each of those trees.

Presented by Kamille Barnes

Until in the hands of a skilled reader, tarot is merely 78 plastic-coated pictures. In order to give them depth and explore their overall accepted definitions in a way that is unique and meaningful each time, the reader must go beyond those definitions. One way is by incorporating magickal and spiritual practices. In this segment, Kamille will explore why this is beneficial to both reader and client and demonstrate how to do just that in order to prepare for and give a 30 min reading.

Presented by Rachel Pollack
Moderated by by Amie Emberharte &

In this presentation we will be exploring our relationship to the cards, and what we do with them. We'll use the cards to look at the different ways we can experience the deck itself, and we'll be doing a live reading with someone from the con on that person's relationship with the tarot, treating the Tarot--and the relationship--as actual people.

Presented by Kim Danbert

Camelot Meets Tarot in this role-playing game, where the Tarot Court Cards become animated in a problem-solving scenario. This process helps one to see the court cards (and many of the Major Arcana cards) as living works of divination. Anyone can take this workshop. You do not have to have a working knowledge of the interpretations of tarot or be a tarot reader. This class is fun for all levels of tarot expertise from novice to professional reader!


Welcome to 2022!! So glad we made it this far. 2022 as a number exudes balance and beauty, and numerologically is represented by Major Key VI The Lovers. Please join this sensational exploration of the significance of the Lovers Tarot card with its many messages and meanings that will lead us to embrace the love that surrounds us as well as the experience within you. From the depth of Shadow Work to the sacred marriage with the Beloved, this image exemplar reminds us of our wholeness, which in itself is our path to healing. What a wonderful way to prepare for the amazing opportunities appearing in 2022! Bring more than one Tarot deck and pull out V The Hierophant, VI The Lovers, VII The Chariot, and XV The Devil. You'll enjoy the PowerPoint presentation with many versions of the Lovers card from Katrina's extensive collection. All levels of Tarot experience are welcome!

Presented by Christiana Gaudet
In person attendees can purchase an advance ticket to join us for our poolside banquet dinner. Online attendees can meet in the lounge for virtual dinner together.
Presented by David Victor

In-person and online attendees will join together to watch a video produced by our very own StaarCon players featuring Kate Mura. What happens when we use tarot to write short plays, and write short plays about tarot? We will find out!