Casting Charms for Divination

Presented by Mary Ellen Collins

Moderated by Frank Kwiatkowski

Casting charms is a unique way to work with the energy of divination. In this workshop you will learn how to create and work with your own oracle using sample kits of charms. Then we will combine the charm casting process with a tarot reading to give it depth and nuance.

This class will feature lots of hands-on practice exercises. Everyone who takes this class remarks about how much fun it is! One bonus of the class is that as a result of the practice exercise, participants receive a free mini-reading from one another so be sure to come to class with questions! Please note that if you are new to tarot there are decks that you can borrow.

Note: To prepare for this class, start saving items from your junk drawers, jewelry boxes, craft supplies, etc. You can use small charms, coins, tiny toys…anything that inspires your imagination! (Sample charm sets will be used in the class to give you an idea.)

Personalizing and Deepening Your Tarot Journal

Presented by Diane Wilkes

Most tarot teachers urge their students to start a tarot journal, but some people often see it primarily as a beginner’s exercise. This mistaken mentality ignores how versatile the tarot journaling process is, and how helpful it can be when you recognize and implement all the potential ways it can be utilized. In this class, we will cover the many ways you can customize your tarot journal to reflect who you are and what you want, as well as a guided journaling experience for profound self-exploration.

How to Craft Amazing Three-Card Readings

Presented by Jenna Matlin

Do you find that 3 card spreads are not enough for readings? Or, do you find that traditional three card spreads are too confining? Don’t worry, I got you! Suitable for all levels, this workshop teaches you how to level up your 3 card reading skills with 12 interlocking approaches that create a full and complete session, no clarifying cards needed! Learn how to sweep over your cards back-and-forth while creating layers of meaning, enabling you to wring every bit of information available. By the end of this hands-on workshop, you will have access to powerful tools that facilitate your ability to glean in-depth information from just a few cards. And, you will be able to use these techniques in your larger spreads, too!

Going Deep – Incorporating Pendulums and Oracles into Ancestral Work

Presented by Nancy Hendrickson

Moderated by Christiana Gaudet

Whether you’ve delved into Ancestral Tarot or not, you’re invited to learn exactly how to incorporate pendulums and oracle decks into your ancestral readings. Discover how a pendulum can place an ancestor in a time and place, and how an oracle can be used as a clarifier, a personality descriptor, or can even tell an in-depth story that goes beyond what Tarot can reveal.

Bring a Tarot deck, a pendulum, and at least one Oracle deck of your choice. Hint: The decks you choose make a difference. Choose wisely.