Presented by Teri Salomoni

Glam magic sheds your inhibitions and insecurities. Become the person you always desired you could be. 
I will teach you ceremonies and rituals that will transform you into a confident, sensual goddess. 
With potions and herbs, I will teach you how to attract others. With tarot, we can learn what is holding you back from the life you are capable of creating and how to live a life full of magic. 

Presented by Michelle Barrie

Welcome to "The Petite Tableau: Expanded Spread," a captivating Lenormand workshop that will help enhance your divination skills. This simple technique was born from the desire to unravel the mysteries of what lies ahead during a reading without having to shuffle and recast the cards.

Led by the seasoned expert Michelle Barrie, this workshop begins with a review of the foundational steps for interpreting the Petite Tableau in its conventional form, then delving into the possibilities of the future with the expanded technique. This spread creates an interesting "network" of repeated messages and connections and is a great way to receive clarity for the future.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your Lenormand skills and witness the intricate threads that weave through the cards with "The Petite Tableau Expanded Spread."

Presented by Frank Kwiatkowski

The four classic elements are literally everywhere. Both the physical world of nature and the inner world of the psyche are comprised – at the essential level – of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that we would find the elements throughout popular culture as well!

Think about your favorite movies or television shows and you’re bound to recall some famous foursomes. Groups of four are a common trope in popular culture, and for good reason. Foursomes allow storytellers to craft believable characters, each based on one of the elements. The dynamics between these “elemental” personalities are often fascinating because we relate to them on a deeper, more primordial level.

Please join us for this celebration of the elements, where we’ll explore famous foursomes in popular culture. You’ll never look at the elements – or your favorite movies and television shows – the same way again!


Embark on a transformative journey with our unique class that seamlessly blends astrology and tarot, unlocking the cosmic mysteries of your life. 

Delve into the celestial tapestry of the influential astrological aspects shaping your destiny. Uncover the cosmic alignments at your birth, unraveling the significance of planets, houses, and zodiac signs. Then, witness the magic as these celestial insights seamlessly intertwine with the archetypal energy of tarot cards. Discover how each card mirrors and amplifies the astrological forces at play, providing profound revelations about your path, purpose, and potential. 

Elevate your understanding of self with this illuminating fusion of astrology and tarot.

Presented by Brenda Elizabeth

Learn to use your psychic senses to read photos. Bring your favorite divination deck as we will practice a variety of methods, including using cartomancy and mediumship. Reading photos is an interesting and powerful way to strengthen your intuition.

Presented by Lisa Hull

In this captivating journey, we will dive into the enchanting world of oracle card readings. Together, we will explore the unique symbolism, intuitive wisdom, and transformative power that oracle cards offer. Discover how these mystical cards can guide and inspire you on your spiritual path, unveiling the secrets within and connecting you to the divine. 

In this session you will master the art of grounding, protecting yourself, and cutting cords to create a balanced and harmonious energy field. You will develop the foundation of a successful reading practice and work on connecting your intention with the energetic resonance of the cards.

This session will help you sharpen your discerning eye to recognize the vast array of mystical decks that resound deeply with your heart and soul.