Teri Salomoni

Strega & Tarot Reader

Teri Salomoni is a 5th generation Strega and a tarot card reader. Using tarot, she along with her clients uncovers their deepest desires and insecurities. With amulets, talismans, and kitchen herbs, she teaches empowerment and manifestation. Teri shares her knowledge and traditions on new and full moon gatherings to small groups in south Florida. 

Transform Yourself Inside and Out with Glam Magic

Glam magic sheds your inhibitions and insecurities. Become the person you always desired you could be. 
I will teach you ceremonies and rituals that will transform you into a confident, sensual goddess. 
With potions and herbs, I will teach you how to attract others. With tarot, we can learn what is holding you back from the life you are capable of creating and how to live a life full of magic. 

Strega Strategy

Learn ways to add traditional Italian magic to your divination practice. In this workshop you will learn to invoke your psychic potential at the beginning of a reading. You will learn to empower your clients with magic, creating amulets and talismans to help them create the life of their dreams.

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