Frank Kwiatkowski

Certified Professional Life Coach, Author, Tarot Coach & Mentor

Frank Kwiatkowski is a certified professional life coach and author of Rise & Shine: A Guide for Experiencing Your Midlife Awakening. Tarot is the foundation for his daily sacred mindfulness practice, and he serves others as Tarot Coach and Mentor, helping them to awaken to their intuitive gifts.

Frank teaches an online tarot course and facilitates classes and workshops, including the Tarot Awakenings Online Meetup. He has presented to the Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida and the inaugural StaarCon. Frank is currently writing his second book while having fun with the Beatles Song Tarot Project on his website,

He lives with his wife, Dawn, and their two cats near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Frank presented 8 Keys to Practicing Tarot for Spiritual Awakening at StaarCon 2021.

Frank will present The Beatles & Tarot: A Fab Combination! at StaarCon 2022.

Spiritual Sustenance with Frank Kwiatkowski

Frank Kwiatkowski’s tarot origin story is different than most.

In this episode of StaarCast, in the run up to the first-ever StaarCon, we will learn how a USPS letter carrier found spiritual awakening through the tarot.

We will also learn about how Frank is using his love of his favorite band to deepen his understanding of tarot.

8 Keys to Practicing Tarot for Spiritual Awakening

Tarot is a gateway to the divine within.When practiced with sacred intention, commitment, and patience, tarot becomes a very effective and fun tool for spiritual awakening. An awakening is a transformation within the psyche that fundamentally changes perspectives, attitudes, and values. This awakening of the spirit is the crucial first step of the process of individuation, an initiation to fully realizing and becoming our essential true nature. It is the active process of merging with divinity. In this workshop you will receive a series of tips for how to use tarot with the intention of spiritual awakening. You can expect to leave this workshop with eyes, mind, and heart opened to new possibilities for your personal use of tarot. Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite tarot deck, as Frank will share his 8 Keys to Spiritual Awakening Spread.

The Beatles & Tarot: A Fab Combination!

The Beatles are the greatest rock band of all time! Their infectious charisma and otherworldly talent made them one of the great cultural forces of the 1960s, and their legendary status grows with each passing year. Yeah, yeah, yeah! The music of the Beatles has a lot in common with tarot. Each is magical, mystical, and fun. Each has the power to open our minds and hearts to new dimensions and possibilities. And by engaging with each of them, we gain more of what lies at their core: LOVE. Attendees of this magical mystery workshop will learn more about the connections between tarot and the Beatles while gaining a new appreciation of each. The program will explore how each member of the Fab Four represents one of the four classical elements; how each of the Beatles’ songs corresponds to a different tarot card, and how to identify tarot-related themes in your favorite music, even if it isn’t the Beatles! Please join us: A splendid time is guaranteed for all!