Reading Tarot in Layers

Presented by Mitchell Osborn

Join Mitchell, your ‘tarot coach,’ in this practical and fun workshop to improve your reading skills. You will break down your ‘reading senses,’ if you will, in layers, practice one layer at a time, and then reconstruct them. This practice can enhance any reader’s ability to give a more comprehensive, deeper, and thorough reading. Bring a tarot deck and something to log your notes and findings. And get ready to have fun.

Transform Yourself Inside and Out with Glam Magic

Presented by Teri Salomoni

Glam magic sheds your inhibitions and insecurities. Become the person you always desired you could be. 
I will teach you ceremonies and rituals that will transform you into a confident, sensual goddess. 
With potions and herbs, I will teach you how to attract others. With tarot, we can learn what is holding you back from the life you are capable of creating and how to live a life full of magic. 

Oracles, Vibrational Frequencies, and the Art of Manifesting

Presented by Hattie Parker & Nanette Saylor

In this interactive workshop, you will be guided to bring new insights to bear on the concept that we create our own reality. Nanette Saylor, Conscious Creativity Coach, and Hattie Parker, Astrologer/Numerologist/Aura Imaging Consultant, share their years of experience as they invite you to explore the nuanced challenges of figuring out to what extent we actually have free will. They approach this fascinating and sometimes confounding topic from differing and equally valid perspectives. You’ll participate in a guided visualization designed to help you gain greater personal awareness of your wishes, hopes, and dreams for 2024 and be introduced to the newly released VIBE 432 Energy Cards expressly designed to support the non-profit Vibration 432, Inc. that serves to offer healing to those experiencing depression. Using the cards, you will be guided in a practice of self-exploration that inspires uplifting states of being through the fulfillment of desired results.

Panel Discussion: Creativity, Magick, and Divination

Presented by Nancy Hendrickson, Stacey Williams-Ng, Erika Robinson & Larie Trenkelbach

Creation and magick are closely intertwined. A basic definition of magick is when it is performed to convey a specific desire and produce results using techniques that employ the supernatural, forces of nature, or a connection to Spirit. It’s essentially built on intention. Just as a writer, magician, witch, or spellcaster uses intention, focus, and rituals; the creative does the same in a form of ‘art’ magick. This magick speaks to our innate nature as makers and creatives. Creating is a powerful way to lead to discovery, creativity, healing, and spiritual connection.

Your panel facilitator is Nancy Hendrickson. Panelists include Stacey Williams-Ng, Erika Robinson, and Larie Trenkelbach.

The Petit Tableau: Expanded Spread

Presented by Michelle Barrie

Welcome to “The Petite Tableau: Expanded Spread,” a captivating Lenormand workshop that will help enhance your divination skills. This simple technique was born from the desire to unravel the mysteries of what lies ahead during a reading without having to shuffle and recast the cards.

Led by the seasoned expert Michelle Barrie, this workshop begins with a review of the foundational steps for interpreting the Petite Tableau in its conventional form, then delving into the possibilities of the future with the expanded technique. This spread creates an interesting “network” of repeated messages and connections and is a great way to receive clarity for the future.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your Lenormand skills and witness the intricate threads that weave through the cards with “The Petite Tableau Expanded Spread.”

The Modern Fool: How Artificial Intelligence is Paving the Way for a New Era of Spiritual Awakening

Presented by Stephanie Cecchini

Once upon a time, in a town nearby, lived a group of tarot card readers who were renowned for their accuracy and intuition. They had practiced their craft for many years and were highly respected community members. One day, a new tarot reader arrived in town, bringing with her a cutting-edge A.I. system designed to enhance the reading experience. The system promised to provide more accurate and in-depth interpretations of the cards, and the town was abuzz with curiosity and excitement. But as the other tarot readers began to see the power of the A.I. system, they grew fearful. They worried that the quickly growing technology would replace the intuitive connection between reader and client and that the sacred traditions of tarot reading would be lost.

Would this fear become a self-fulfilling prophecy, leaving them obsolete in a rapidly changing world?

Attend this session to find out!  We will take a hard look at A.I. technology to identify how it may:

  • Enhance and augment human abilities rather than replace them.
  • Give you radically new methods to provide guidance to your querents.
  • Unlock surprising levels of efficiency in your tarot business.
  • Harness the power of social media to engage new tarot enthusiasts.
  • Achieve a better work-life balance for life-long spiritual awakenings.

Skeptical? This entire session description was written by A.I. in under 1 minute.

Si Habla Español – Learning how to divine with the La Baraja Española aka the Spanish Playing Cards

Presented by Ms. Angelique Luna

Cartomancy is a form of divination. Most think of traditional playing cards, tarot cards, Lenormand, and oracle cards. How about the La Baraja Española that has existed since the 15th century!

La Baraja Española is deeply embedded in Latin American culture and is commonly used by curanderos (Shamans) and brujos (Witches) in their practices.

I will be discussing the history of the cards, their meaning, and how they compare them to the other cartomancy divination.

Meet Your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide

Presented by Connie Wong

Join us for the exciting opportunity to meet your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide!

This is a relaxing, 45-minute Group Session based on Dolores Cannon’s teachings. Dolores Cannon is the Founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which has helped thousands of people find their purpose in life and heal themselves mentally and physically through Past Life Regression and contacting their Higher Self. This class will give you a taste of the second portion of QHHT, which is to connect with one of your Angels or Spirit Guides and listen to any messages they may have for you!

Please drink water before and during class — hydration helps you connect better to your Higher Self. Please also have a notebook and pen.

This class is perfect for beginners and experienced individuals alike.

Famous Foursomes: A Celebration of the Elements!

Presented by Frank Kwiatkowski

The four classic elements are literally everywhere. Both the physical world of nature and the inner world of the psyche are comprised – at the essential level – of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that we would find the elements throughout popular culture as well!

Think about your favorite movies or television shows and you’re bound to recall some famous foursomes. Groups of four are a common trope in popular culture, and for good reason. Foursomes allow storytellers to craft believable characters, each based on one of the elements. The dynamics between these “elemental” personalities are often fascinating because we relate to them on a deeper, more primordial level.

Please join us for this celebration of the elements, where we’ll explore famous foursomes in popular culture. You’ll never look at the elements – or your favorite movies and television shows – the same way again!

Kabbalistic Tarot: The Five Worlds Reading

Presented by Mark Horn

In the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah, it is taught that the universe was created in 5 stages, or worlds. And that because Creation is an ongoing event, not only do we always have access to these different worlds—it’s our responsibility to participate in this ongoing Creation. These different worlds correspond to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the teaching that everyone’s soul has five levels—and of course they also correspond in tarot’s four suits of the Minor Arcana plus the Major Arcana.

In this class, you’ll learn the Kabbalistic teachings on the 5 worlds, and how these teachings can be used with this tarot spread for either fast yet in-depth divination. This spread is designed to answer a question on multiple levels, from an action’s impact in the physical world to all the way up to how it affects your connection to the Divine.

Because the spread is just five cards, a reading can take as little as ten minutes, and this spread can be ideal for readings at parties and corporate events. With only five cards, you can answer Yes/No questions with nuance and insight beyond a simple Yes/No answer. In this class you’ll have time to practice working with this spread with several questions and partners.   

Celestial Synergy: Navigating Life’s Path with Astrology and Tarot Harmony

Presented by Tikashi Denour Lacoste

Embark on a transformative journey with our unique class that seamlessly blends astrology and tarot, unlocking the cosmic mysteries of your life. 

Delve into the celestial tapestry of the influential astrological aspects shaping your destiny. Uncover the cosmic alignments at your birth, unraveling the significance of planets, houses, and zodiac signs. Then, witness the magic as these celestial insights seamlessly intertwine with the archetypal energy of tarot cards. Discover how each card mirrors and amplifies the astrological forces at play, providing profound revelations about your path, purpose, and potential. 

Elevate your understanding of self with this illuminating fusion of astrology and tarot.

Tarot: Hope for Broken Hearts

Presented by Christiana Gaudet

We all know that many tarot consultations are about romantic relationships.  Very often, what the cards show us about those relationships is not a pretty picture.

If you are a beginner at tarot reading you might find it hard to give bad news. If you have been reading tarot for a while you surely know that the querent already knows (or strongly suspects) whatever it is that you are about to tell them on the matter.

It is hard to be the bearer of bad news, it is even harder to hear people suffer over someone who clearly does not care for them anymore.

The cards can be used to identify different types of relationships.  In this workshop, you will learn to read about relationships and deliver meaningful but tactful messages.

Explore Your Akashic Records and Learn Your Purpose in Life

Presented by Tess Tetrault

Join Tess Tetrault for a journey of discovery and healing, where you will learn to read your Akashic records.  Your Akashic records are a non-local catalog of all the emotions and experiences your soul has ever had. Your records represent the lifetime chronicles of your eternal being.

This session will include a short lecture to explain the Akashic records and the procedure for accessing this informative realm. We will use an opening prayer and a group guided meditation to facilitate this spiritual experience. You may encounter spirit guides and helpers, as well as the Lord of the Records there.  These entities serve as our support system for this experience. This process will often answer your deepest questions and provide a wealth of knowledge, love, and support from this invisible, always accessible realm.  During the AfterGlow, the recording will allow you to return to this realm as often as you desire. Each time, you will have a different experience that aids you in discovering the true, deeper, eternal YOU.

2024 VIII Strength – The Power of Centeredness

Presented by Katrina Wynne, M. A.

2024 is a pivotal year so let’s prepare for the greatest experience!

As most Tarot folks know, Key VIII can be represented by either the Strength/Lust card or Justice/Balance/Adjustment, which will not only be explained, but touch you in a much deeper way as I share my 50+ years’ experience with these image exemplars.

More emphasis will be made on the VIII Strength card as I go through the history, symbolism, and sacred depths of this powerful reminder of our core connection with life.

Join us live, or watch the recording to prepare for the challenges and opportunities appearing in 2024! Please be sure to download the very helpful handout…with journaling prompts to help you follow the presentation and work your program through the year.

Be sure to sign up for the StaarCon AfterGlow party as we return to this topic in an open discussion among us.

Bring more than one Tarot deck and pull out VII The ChariotVIII Justice AND Strength, IX The Hermit, and XVII The Star. You’ll enjoy the PowerPoint presentation with many versions of these VIII cards from my extensive deck collection. All levels of Tarot experience are welcome!

Tarot, Scent, and Psyche: Creating Magical Potions, Using Tarot Correspondences, Symbols, and Elemental Energies, in Conjunction with the Plant Kingdom

Presented by Ailynn Halvorson

The power of the tarot is unsurmountable when you call in the energies of the plant kingdom as an ally. As we work with the tarot, we can create magical potions and teas by connecting plant energies with the tarot symbols, correspondences and the elemental energies that flow through the cards. In this class we will learn how to connect the plants with the cards. I will demonstrate how to create a planetary oil based off of a chosen tarot card’s energies.

Tarot as Entertainment: Parties, Live Events, & Working with Agents

Presented by Amy Forman

Most people believe that a career as a tarot reader looks like a full calendar of private one-on-one readings with some online content to educate seekers and drive business traffic. 

This is a fantastic way to set up shop but listen up! Professional tarot readers can significantly increase their earning potential by offering tarot parties and live-event services. This requires an additional set of skills in your tarot toolbox. 

Join Amy Forman for this information-packed workshop. Amy, a master of the live events world, will be sharing her insights and top tips. 

You will learn how to communicate with agents and clients to get more bookings. You will learn to advocate for your comforts and preferences on the job. 

Amy will also cover topics such as costuming, themed events, payment and fees, and the differences between party readings and hour-long in-depth sessions. 

Perhaps most importantly, you will learn the energy work needed for sustaining longer events, rapidly shifting from one person to the next, and protecting yourself from or recovering from psychic burnout. 

Journey of Cards: Exploring Divination and Self-Discovery

Presented by Lisa Hull

In this captivating journey, we will dive into the enchanting world of oracle card readings. Together, we will explore the unique symbolism, intuitive wisdom, and transformative power that oracle cards offer. Discover how these mystical cards can guide and inspire you on your spiritual path, unveiling the secrets within and connecting you to the divine. 

In this session you will master the art of grounding, protecting yourself, and cutting cords to create a balanced and harmonious energy field. You will develop the foundation of a successful reading practice and work on connecting your intention with the energetic resonance of the cards.

This session will help you sharpen your discerning eye to recognize the vast array of mystical decks that resound deeply with your heart and soul.

The A and I of It All: Using Tarot to Assimilate and Implement Large Amounts of Information

Presented by Amber Highland

No, no. It’s not that AI.  

This workshop is designed to educate participants on utilizing tarot cards to process and manage large volumes of information. The workshop’s main objectives are for attendees to understand the application of tarot cards in assimilating information and integrating its practice into their personal routines.