Tikashi Denour Lacoste

Astrologer, Holistic Life Coach & Crystal Master

Tikashi Denour Lacoste is a certified Crystal Healer and a graduate of the Debra Silverman School of Astrology. Tikashi has also studied contemporary and medieval astrology with Bernadette Brady and Darrellyn Gunzberg.

Combining her natural intuitive talents with her training in tarot, crystal healing, and astrology, Tikashi assists clients in developing various areas in their personal and professional lives.

Tikashi’s passion is teaching others how to use the power of metaphysics to transform their lives. Tikashi works remotely via the internet as well as in person.


Celestial Synergy: Navigating Life’s Path with Astrology and Tarot Harmony

Embark on a transformative journey with our unique class that seamlessly blends astrology and tarot, unlocking the cosmic mysteries of your life. 

Delve into the celestial tapestry of the influential astrological aspects shaping your destiny. Uncover the cosmic alignments at your birth, unraveling the significance of planets, houses, and zodiac signs. Then, witness the magic as these celestial insights seamlessly intertwine with the archetypal energy of tarot cards. Discover how each card mirrors and amplifies the astrological forces at play, providing profound revelations about your path, purpose, and potential. 

Elevate your understanding of self with this illuminating fusion of astrology and tarot.

Automagical Manifestation

Get Ready to Light Up Your Path to Abundance!

In this program you will learn a comprehensive approach on how to incorporate manifestation techniques into your life on a daily basis.  In order to manifest your dreams you must live in a state of true manifestation.

Learning and applying the laws and methods of manifestation can be quite overwhelming  which is why the Automagical Manifestation Program will help you break down several methods of creating abundance and prosperity in your life.

We will cover a lot of material, providing the opportunity for the right bit of information to emerge that lights your path to an abundance awakening.

We will explore creating sacred spaces, how to find the tools that work for the Unique You, and how to ascend to a level where manifesting your best life happens automagically.

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