Diane Wilkes

Deck Creator, Tarot Teacher & Conference Organizer

Diane Wilkes, M.A., has been a card reader for more than half a century. She is the author/creator of the Jane Austen Tarot, the Jane Austen Oracle and the Storyteller Tarot, and has taught the tarot and other divinatory methods on the local, national and international level for over 30 years. For the last decade, she instituted an intimate conference devoted to divination: the Southeastern Tarot Conclave. (Previously the Northeastern Tarot Conclave—she moved!) Her list of published articles is lengthy and diverse, and can be found in many places, including her seminal website, Tarot Passages (www.tarotpassages.com). Her Facebook Tarot Page is also called Tarot Passages. She is also on Twitter and Instagram.

Southeastern Tarot Conclave

Presented by Diane Wilkes

Most tarot teachers urge their students to start a tarot journal, but some people often see it primarily as a beginner's exercise. This mistaken mentality ignores how versatile the tarot journaling process is, and how helpful it can be when you recognize and implement all the potential ways it can be utilized. In this class, we will cover the many ways you can customize your tarot journal to reflect who you are and what you want, as well as a guided journaling experience for profound self-exploration.