Cartomancy for Magical Manifestation

StaarCon 2023: Saturday, January 21, 2023: Salon B: 9:15 am

Presented by Silver Raven

​EVERYONE has tried and mostly succeeded at manifesting something, regardless of  they are a Witch, Tarot reader, walkers of a spiritual path or none of the above. You wished or prayed for a specific outcome

Most here have used Cartomancy to assist with manifestations, for example, as a Tarot Spell.

Many here have done Magic to manifest something, for example, a prosperity or protection spell.

I am here to tell you how combining both Cartomancy and Magic can give you fierce focus on how to totally transform your life.

Please bring a Tarot deck (or two!)

Tarot as Entertainment: Parties, Live Events, & Working with Agents

StaarCon 2023: Saturday, January 21, 2023: Salon B: 11:45 am

Presented by Amy Forman

Most people believe that a career as a tarot reader looks like a full calendar of private one-on-one readings with some online content to educate seekers and drive business traffic.

This is a fantastic way to set up shop but listen up! Professional tarot readers can significantly increase their earning potential by offering tarot parties and live-event services. This requires an additional set of skills in your tarot toolbox.

Join Amy Forman for this information-packed workshop. Amy, a master of the live events world, will be sharing her insights and top tips.

You will learn how to communicate with agents and clients to get more bookings. You will learn to advocate for your comforts and preferences on the job.

Amy will also cover topics such as costuming, themed events, payment and fees, and the differences between party readings and hour-long in-depth sessions.

Perhaps most importantly, you will learn the energy work needed for sustaining longer events, rapidly shifting from one person to the next, and protecting yourself from or recovering from psychic burnout.

New Year Mantra Managed

StaarCon 2023: Saturday, January 21, 2023: Salon B: 2:15 pm

Presented by Kristine Gorman

This ever-evolving workshop gathers new pixie dust with each group that embraces it & it’s the New Year!! 

As the creatrix of this live action held space-it changes every time. I use my tarot cards and my own intuition to create the focus and the questions for each group.It is a workshop divined for you to divine the messages tucked under the surface and around the corner…in a very surprising way. All levels welcome. All you need is the willingness to be open to your own magical abilities-this can be the very thing you need to see, hear, feel, something you do not already know! Fabulous! 

Don’t Fear the Retrograde

StaarCon 2023: Saturday, January 21, 2023: Salon B: 3:30 pm

Presented by Marion Kirk

With the surge in popularity of Astrology in recent years, one word arguably more than any other has gained infamy and that is “Retrograde”. We could blame trickster planet Mercury for the fear around this astro phenomenon.

In this presentation Marion will explain how planetary retrogrades are, despite the “bad press”, actually an excellent time that should be embraced as an opportunity for personal introspection and growth.