Amy Forman

Performance Artist

Amy Forman is a multi-hyphenate performance artist who has been working as a full-time events entertainer since 2012. Her impassioned study and practice of Tarot began when she met Christiana Gaudet at a Maypole ceremony in 2009 and her two worlds merged in 2015 when one of her talent agents asked her to work as a fortune teller for a themed party. Reluctant at first, she accepted the gig with a willing spirit and her RWS Tarot deck in hand, having no idea that this would become her most sought-after talent within the entertainment industry.

While Amy continues work as a dancer and mermaid, she has prioritized gigs as a professional Tarot & lip print reader above all else. Her experience working for weddings, corporate events, parties, and the like has allowed her to develop a unique reading style, a strong “psychic endurance muscle” for back-to-back readings, and a sharp sense of professionalism. A true Queen of Pentacles, she balances her career alongside raising her two sons, being a wife, and practicing wellness disciplines like classical yoga.

Tarot as Entertainment: Parties, Live Events, & Working with Agents

Most people believe that a career as a tarot reader looks like a full calendar of private one-on-one readings with some online content to educate seekers and drive business traffic.

This is a fantastic way to set up shop but listen up! Professional tarot readers can significantly increase their earning potential by offering tarot parties and live-event services. This requires an additional set of skills in your tarot toolbox.

Join Amy Forman for this information-packed workshop. Amy, a master of the live events world, will be sharing her insights and top tips.

You will learn how to communicate with agents and clients to get more bookings. You will learn to advocate for your comforts and preferences on the job.

Amy will also cover topics such as costuming, themed events, payment and fees, and the differences between party readings and hour-long in-depth sessions.

Perhaps most importantly, you will learn the energy work needed for sustaining longer events, rapidly shifting from one person to the next, and protecting yourself from or recovering from psychic burnout.

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