Mapping the Tarot

Presented by Arwen Lynch-Poe

Join Arwen for an interactive session with your deck. Sometimes you get a card as the final answer that makes no sense. By mapping the card, you will find a way to dive just a little deeper into the card. Haven’t you ever wanted to just fling your hands up crying, “I don’t know what this means?” Well, beginning readers to experienced ones have all been there. It’s a universal truth that everyone hits a brick wall sometimes. It’s like writer’s block, but Tarot. So make sure you come ready to learn a new way of getting more out of your cards. Bring your deck, your notebook, your pen, and your open mind.

Introduction to the Tarot of the Greek Magical Papyri

Presented by Jason Augustus Newcomb

Jason Augustus Newcomb, the designer of the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM for short) Tarot will discuss practical uses for this amazing deck. The art is based on ancient Greek pottery, late antiquity magical gems and the talismans of the PGM. It is very much a “magical” Tarot with more than 40 talismans from the PGM incorporated into the deck. Unlike most modern Tarot creations it is not really oriented around Qabalah or the Rider-Waite model, but is instead much more directly related to Pythagorean and Platonic philosophy and a chthonic magical journey. In this class I will teach several spells that can be conducted using the cards of the PGM Tarot that incorporate ancient spells and modern techniques, as well as his visionary tools for connecting with the spirits represented in the deck.

Tips for Creating an Interesting and Useful Deck Review

Presented by Amber Highland

Up For Review

Excited by a deck recently released from your favorite publisher? Want to share your latest tarot or oracle deck crush with everyone? In “Up for Review”, Amber Highland reveals tips to formulating interesting and useful cartomancy deck reviews. The information presented will help you to develop your unique perspective into concise and clear language suitable for publication or social media presentation.

Reading with the Sacred Mysteries Chakra Card Deck

Presented by Victor Daniels

​If you’re a Tarot reader, you can probably do chakra readings with the Sacred Mysteries Chakra Oracle deck. These beautiful cards, illustrated by a world-class artist in the Indian classical tradition, are accompanied by a deeply insightful book that provides an orientation to each chakra and offers thoughts, feelings, physical connections, and awareness and spiritual insights for each card. “I was a little uneasy doing a chakra reading since all I’ve ever read is tarot cards,” said one person after giving her first chakra reading, “but the stunning imagery and card titles, and the outstanding book that comes with the deck, allowed me to slide right into them.” The book’s wealth of insights can even inform your readings with Tarot cards.

This presentation describes the chakra essentials in ways that draw from the spiritual traditions of India and a from contemporary Western psychology.