Saskia Jansen

Tarot Reader & Historian

Saskia Jansen is a tarot reader and collector from the Netherlands. She bought her first tarot deck in 1996, and since then has acquired over 1800 different titles. Her main focus is on the Rider Waite Smith Tarot (along with its many clones) and its historical relevance to the evolution of tarot as a whole.

Since 2013, Saskia has picked up the research of K. Frank Jensen into the early Rider Waite decks and is closely involved in the development of the associated website (and eventual museum) in cooperation with others from the tarot community.

She attended the ITS Congress in Chicago in 2002 and the Reader’s Studio in 2004.

Presented by Saskia Jansen

Join Saskia Jansen for a fascinating journey into the modern history of tarot.