This workshop empowers you to understand how to work with cosmic energies to your best advantage.

Two HUGE planetary changes start in March 2023. “As above, so below” is the Hermetic Maxim. How will these transits impact you? Knowledge is power, Timing is everything. Astrology is Divine Timing and Divine knowledge.

Saturn, planet of reality, testing, time, obstacles, maturity, tradition, career, building, enters WATER sign, Pisces, #18, The MOON, March 7 until 2026. The 12th Zodiac sign governs spirituality, psychics, dreams, addictions, empathy, mental illness, karma, viruses, debts, and endings.

PLUTO, yes still a planet in Tropical and Human Design Astrology, Underworld Lord of Death, wealth, sex, rebirth, power, secrets, soul, the Collective Unconscious, enters AIR sign AQUARIUS, #17 The STAR on 3/23/23 for the first time in 245 years. From 2024-2044 Pluto stays in AQUARIUS, a hi-tech, digital, virtual, detached, revolutionary, freedom, nonhierarchical, groupthink, higher consciousness, human sign.

Looking forwards to have you join me.