Siddharth Ramakrishnan PhD.

Author, Deck Designer & Neuroscientist

Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD is a neuroscientist, artist, and educator. He is the Chair of Neuroscience and Professor of Biology at the University of Puget Sound and a recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER award. His research spans developmental biology, neuroendocrinology, and neuroethics. A Fellow of the UCLA Art|Sci Center, his collaborations with artists have led to exhibitions and documentaries that blend the worlds of art and science, highlighting topics like Hox genes, animal umwelts, and biomimicry. He was also a Fellow at the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit at Montreal (2019). He has had exhibits at MOCA Taipei (2013), the New School of Design (2012), Microwave New Media Festival (2011) and Symposium on Human-Dog Coevolution (2011).

An avid Tarot reader, he designed and created the NeuroTarot deck, based on the major arcana of Tarot and infused with neuroscience. He was the keynote speaker at NWTS 2023 and a panelist at the Masters of Tarot workshop (2023) with Mary K. Greer at Omega, Rhinebeck, NY. His book, “The Neuroscience of Tarot,” will be published in 2024 with Llewelyn Worldwide.


When we approach a divination session, be it tarot, oracle, or astrology, there are, in many cases, two minds involved: the querent and the diviner. While the cards or charts are laid out and the diviner interprets, the querent has their own beliefs and blocks. The diviner must also make mental leaps about the querent's motivations, desires, and behavioral choices. In this interactive session, we will walk through the mental gymnastics we undertake as a diviner or as a querent and explore the social cognition involved in divination. Come with an open mind, and leave with adventures.

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