StaarCon presenter Karen Winkel.

Karen Winkel

Healer, Astrologer & Tarotist

Karen Winkel is an Electrical Engineer by degree, but a Metaphysician by heart.  Since the mid-eighties, she has been a corporate cog by day and a student of astrology and tarot at night (and weekends).  Since the mid-eighties being a corporate cog during the day paid the bills, but being a student of astrology and tarot in her free time filled her soul. She stayed in the broom closet while raising her three children, but began to emerge in 2016 when she expanded her skills and knowledge by becoming a Reiki master, a certified hypnotist, and learning to work with crystals for healing and manifestation. Karen opened Inner Quest Metaphysical Guidance in 2018, offering Astrology, Tarot, Reiki, and Chakra Healing services.  When she is not working or further honing her craft, Karen can be found spending time with her husband, children, and three FAAs (feline administrative assistants). You can reach her by emailing karen@innerquestmetaphysical.com.

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