Stacey Williams-Ng

Artist, Deck Creator & Author

Stacey Williams-Ng is an artist and writer from Memphis, Tennessee. She is also the founder of La Panthere Studio, an indie esoteric publishing house. Stacey is the artist and author of the Southern Gothic Oracle, the Southern Botanic Oracle, each of which explores themes of mystery and magic in the American South. Her most recent oracle deck, Roses, Dust & Ashes, won “Best Indie Deck of 2023” by the World Divination Association. In February she will launch her tarot, Rhythm & Soul, which builds upon her regionally-focused body of work.

La Panthere Studio

Presented by Stacey Williams-Ng

The tarot has been re-interpreted hundreds of times in order to provide new and increasingly unique ways for readers to connect with its imagery. In this presentation, award-winning card designer Stacey Williams-Ng walks us through her process in creating an entirely unique tarot, one that draws upon the stories embedded in American music to represent the arcana. How might a multi-card spread be even more specific (or even risk being a little off-base) when the images get re-imagined within tight themes?
This is going to be a fun and interactive presentation that not only pulls back the veil on the artist's process but invites the readers in the audience to consider the ways that thematic tarot decks can provide eye-opening and fresh readings.


Creation and magick are closely intertwined. A basic definition of magick is when it is performed to convey a specific desire and produce results using techniques that employ the supernatural, forces of nature, or a connection to Spirit. It’s essentially built on intention. Just as a writer, magician, witch, or spellcaster uses intention, focus, and rituals; the creative does the same in a form of ‘art’ magick. This magick speaks to our innate nature as makers and creatives. Creating is a powerful way to lead to discovery, creativity, healing, and spiritual connection.

Your panel facilitator is Nancy Hendrickson. Panelists include Stacey Williams-Ng, Erika Robinson, and Larie Trenkelbach.