Angelique Luna

Psychic Medium & Cartomancer

Ms. Angelique Luna is an intuitive psychic medium. She has been slinging cards for over 20 years. She is not for the faint of heart as she does cuss like a sailor offering tough love advice.

She is of Mexican descent and primarily uses the La Baraja Española aka the Spanish Playing Cards as her main divination tool. Is knowledgeable in tarot. 

Using her experience as a certified Kink-Aware & Conscious Erotic Touch Professional along with her intuitive psychic medium skills, she makes it easy to talk about taboo topics! 

The Pleasure Psychic

Presented by Ms. Angelique Luna

Cartomancy is a form of divination. Most think of traditional playing cards, tarot cards, Lenormand, and oracle cards. How about the La Baraja Española that has existed since the 15th century!

La Baraja Española is deeply embedded in Latin American culture and is commonly used by curanderos (Shamans) and brujos (Witches) in their practices.

I will be discussing the history of the cards, their meaning, and how they compare them to the other cartomancy divination.