In this interactive workshop, you will be guided to bring new insights to bear on the concept that we create our own reality. Nanette Saylor, Conscious Creativity Coach, and Hattie Parker, Astrologer/Numerologist/Aura Imaging Consultant, share their years of experience as they invite you to explore the nuanced challenges of figuring out to what extent we actually have free will. They approach this fascinating and sometimes confounding topic from differing and equally valid perspectives. You’ll participate in a guided visualization designed to help you gain greater personal awareness of your wishes, hopes, and dreams for 2024 and be introduced to the newly released VIBE 432 Energy Cards expressly designed to support the non-profit Vibration 432, Inc. that serves to offer healing to those experiencing depression. Using the cards, you will be guided in a practice of self-exploration that inspires uplifting states of being through the fulfillment of desired results.