Join Tess Tetrault for a journey of discovery and healing, where you will learn to read your Akashic records.  Your Akashic records are a non-local catalog of all the emotions and experiences your soul has ever had. Your records represent the lifetime chronicles of your eternal being.

This session will include a short lecture to explain the Akashic records and the procedure for accessing this informative realm. We will use an opening prayer and a group guided meditation to facilitate this spiritual experience. You may encounter spirit guides and helpers, as well as the Lord of the Records there.  These entities serve as our support system for this experience. This process will often answer your deepest questions and provide a wealth of knowledge, love, and support from this invisible, always accessible realm.  During the AfterGlow, the recording will allow you to return to this realm as often as you desire. Each time, you will have a different experience that aids you in discovering the true, deeper, eternal YOU.