Session 3: Extend the Tableau

Diving into the Tarot Tableau: Read Cohesively in Every Context

Maria Alvíz Hernando

Meet the Nine Card Tableau’s big sister: The 5×5 Tableau. Learn to tackle a large spread with ease and incorporate new techniques to go deeper in your interpretations and aim for longer periods of time in your readings. In this session, you will practice reading a 5×5 in groups and have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and ask questions.
For this session you will need a tarot deck (I advise bringing a mini-deck if you have one, so you can comfortably lay the 5×5 Tableau). You will be given a handout, but you can bring material to take notes if you wish.

Oracular Intentions Sound Bath Meditation

Jenny Stafford

This deeply relaxing and centering experience blends divination with a meditative sound journey, a unique opportunity to come together to explore and manifest clear intentions for our experience at StaarCon 2023!

Opening Ceremony

Christiana Gaudet

Join Christiana for the opening ceremony for StaarCon 2024! We will gather together as a community to create sacred space, set intentions, and perform divinations for our weekend ahead.

Lisa Adams – Part 1

Astrology for Beginners

Lisa Adams

Learn some astrology basics in this three-session intensive.
Astrology is an ancient language of symbols and meaning that provide a framework of understanding life’s magic and difficulties. It’s a tool of evolution.

Why I Designed a Tarot Deck…and You Should Too!

Rosemary Sunflower

Publishing isn’t always the goal. An exploration of my journey creating the Good Journeys Tarot and why creating a deck is a valuable exercise for tarot readers of any level. We will explore a little tarot history, my personal experience, and some practical concerns of creating a deck.

Situational Divination, or What I Learned from Scott Cunningham

Christine Cunningham Ashworth

You’ve read the books. You do the work, and you’re confident in your divination abilities. But when you’re caught off-guard, and your usual references are out of reach, what do you do? Come learn how Christine Cunningham Ashworth took what she learned from her brother Scott, among others, and made it work – her way. Learn how to trust your studied knowledge and apply your skills when you’re on your own.

The History of Occult Tarot, Made Easy

Benebell Wen

We’ll begin in 18th century France and cover three different tarot divination methods from three centuries. How has astrology, philosophical Hermeticism, alchemy, Cabalism (the Qabalah), and Rosicrucianism influenced the evolution of tarot into an occult tool? And what does Hermes Trismegistus have to do with tarot? What do we even mean by “occult”? Let’s discuss together.

Reading Tarot in Layers

Mitchell Osborn

Join Mitchell, your ‘tarot coach,’ in this practical and fun workshop to improve your reading skills. You will break down your ‘reading senses,’ if you will, in layers, practice one layer at a time, and then reconstruct them. This practice can enhance any reader’s ability to give a more comprehensive, deeper, and thorough reading. Bring a tarot deck and something to log your notes and findings. And get ready to have fun.

Closing Ceremony

Christiana Gaudet

Christiana leads the conference in the closing ceremony. Join us in a moment of appreciation and affirmation, as we share our joy of tarot, art, divination and community.

Tarot, Scent, and Psyche: Creating Magical Potions, Using Tarot Correspondences, Symbols, and Elemental Energies, in Conjunction with the Plant Kingdom

Ailynn Halvorson

The power of the tarot is unsurmountable when you call in the energies of the plant kingdom as an ally. As we work with the tarot, we can create magical potions and teas by connecting plant energies with the tarot symbols, correspondences and the elemental energies that flow through the cards. In this class we will learn how to connect the plants with the cards. I will demonstrate how to create a planetary oil based off of a chosen tarot card’s energies.