Session 3: Extend the Tableau

Diving into the Tarot Tableau: Read Cohesively in Every Context

Maria Alvíz Hernando

Meet the Nine Card Tableau’s big sister: The 5×5 Tableau. Learn to tackle a large spread with ease and incorporate new techniques to go deeper in your interpretations and aim for longer periods of time in your readings. In this session, you will practice reading a 5×5 in groups and have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and ask questions.
For this session you will need a tarot deck (I advise bringing a mini-deck if you have one, so you can comfortably lay the 5×5 Tableau). You will be given a handout, but you can bring material to take notes if you wish.

Crystal Breath Movement

Mercedes Vasquez

The Crystal Breath Movement w/Caliente is a workshop that will take you through a combination of movements that will help express and release any pent-up or unexplored emotions, followed by a unique breathwork technique that will awaken and deepen your awareness and love within and culminating with a healing crystal meditation that will leave you feeling grounded and rejuvenated.

Oracular Intentions Sound Bath Meditation

Jenny Stafford

This deeply relaxing and centering experience blends divination with a meditative sound journey, a unique opportunity to come together to explore and manifest clear intentions for our experience at StaarCon 2023!

Opening Ceremony

Christiana Gaudet

Join Christiana for the opening ceremony for StaarCon 2024! We will gather together as a community to create sacred space, set intentions, and perform divinations for our weekend ahead.

Step Into the Circle: Tarot Movement and Magic

Christiana Gaudet

Christiana will lead us in a hands-and-feet-on exploration of the tarot images as energetic partners in our journey through life. Bring drums, clapping hands, stomping feet, singing voices, and a desire to make magic for the weekend and for your life.

Lisa Adams – Part 1

Astrology for Beginners

Lisa Adams

Learn some astrology basics in this three-session intensive.
Astrology is an ancient language of symbols and meaning that provide a framework of understanding life’s magic and difficulties. It’s a tool of evolution.

Situational Divination, or What I Learned from Scott Cunningham

Christine Cunningham Ashworth

You’ve read the books. You do the work, and you’re confident in your divination abilities. But when you’re caught off-guard, and your usual references are out of reach, what do you do? Come learn how Christine Cunningham Ashworth took what she learned from her brother Scott, among others, and made it work – her way. Learn how to trust your studied knowledge and apply your skills when you’re on your own.

An Overview of Occult Influences in the Tarot

Benebell Wen

This is a nuts and bolts foundational primer on the advent of occult tarot, who the key players were, and how esotericism popularized during 18th century France continues to influence occultism in tarot today. We’ll be covering the implications of esoteric teachings hidden in plain sight and the five key influences in occult tarot architecture: Hermeticism, Pythagorean mysticism, Hellenistic Astrology, Renaissance Alchemy, and the Kabbalah. We’ll then explore how these five influences converge through the lenses of Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry, lending themselves to the esoteric tarot designs of modern history.

Thematic Tarot: Spinning New Stories

Stacey Williams-Ng

The tarot has been re-interpreted hundreds of times in order to provide new and increasingly unique ways for readers to connect with its imagery. In this presentation, award-winning card designer Stacey Williams-Ng walks us through her process in creating an entirely unique tarot.

Let’s Make a Gris-Gris Bag!

Kristen Barnes

What are Gris-Gris Bags? How are they used? In fact, how is “Gris-Gris” even pronounced? Unveil the mysteries of this powerful spiritual amulet in a hands-on class with Mam’zelle Kamille. Join us to create your own Gris-Gris Bag while immersing yourself in the colorful history, traditional practices, and empowering personal blessings of this New Orleans spiritual staple.

Bardic Circle

Christine Leiser

Join your host, Christine Leiser, in the Bardic Circle. Bring a story, poem, skit, game, song, or dance to share with the group.

Past Life Regression & Visit to the Interlife

Michelle Barrie

Join Michelle Barrie as she takes you on a transformative exploration through a Past Life Regression and Interlife experience, delving into the depths of your soul’s history. Michelle will guide you on a journey through the Hallway of Mirrors to meet the many versions of you, and then you’ll visit the Interlife, where your Soul goes between lives. This immersive journey is designed to help you uncover the profound connections and patterns influencing your present life. Gain insights into issues, unexplained fears, and attractions to help bring clarity, understanding, and healing to your current life.

The 4s of Tarot

Marion Kirk

In this fascinating presentation, Marion will walk you through the 4s in the tarot and show how each of them shows up in helping us to navigate and gain understanding in times of loss and grief.

How to Win at Life: Gamifying Spiritual Growth

Dionne C. Monsanto

How to Win at Life: Gamifying Spiritual Growth” revolutionizes the perspective on work and play, challenging the belief that all four-letter words are negative. This interactive master class harmoniously integrates work and play in personal development.

House of Cards

Bonnie Isham Willis

In this session, you will perform a tarot spread using the twelve houses of the zodiac. This strengthens your skills as a tarot reader and as an astrologer.

A Message in the Stars

Peter Coe

Learn about the Pleiades, and perform a new tarot spread inspired by this unique star cluster.
The Pleiades layout will offer a solution to your question.

Cocktails With Arwen

Arwen Lynch-Poe

Come join Arwen for cocktails! No, there will not be alcohol, but you are welcome to indulge later in the bar if you so choose.
Have you dreamt of writing that book? Maybe not the NGAN (Next Great American Novel), but the kind of story YOU want to read? Bring your cards, your notebook, and a pen (unless you possess an eidetic memory) to learn at least one new way of meeting your characters.

Bringing Light into the Dark Arts

Lara van Zuydam

In this class, we will penetrate the glamour of the so-called left-hand magical path and unpack – at a granular level – some of the implications of and risks associated with consciously choosing to work with black magic (whether through divination, vision work, astrology, or ritual) within the current human epoch.

Reading Tarot in Layers

Mitchell Osborn

Join Mitchell, your ‘tarot coach,’ in this practical and fun workshop to improve your reading skills. You will break down your ‘reading senses,’ if you will, in layers, practice one layer at a time, and then reconstruct them. This practice can enhance any reader’s ability to give a more comprehensive, deeper, and thorough reading. Bring a tarot deck and something to log your notes and findings. And get ready to have fun.

Panel Discussion: Creativity, Magick, and Divination

Nancy Hendrickson, Stacey Williams-Ng, Erika Robinson & Larie Trenkelbach

Creation and magick are closely intertwined. A basic definition of magick is when it is performed to convey a specific desire and produce results using techniques that employ the supernatural, forces of nature, or a connection to Spirit. It’s essentially built on intention. Just as a writer, magician, witch, or spellcaster uses intention, focus, and rituals; the creative does the same in a form of ‘art’ magick. This magick speaks to our innate nature as makers and creatives. Creating is a powerful way to lead to discovery, creativity, healing, and spiritual connection.

The Grid with Madam Adam

Madam Adam

Join Madam Adam as they break down “The Grid”, Madam Adam’s formula for understanding any tarot card in a practical, modern and efficient way. Learn to find a base meaning for the cards to leave more room for intuition.

Explore Your Akashic Records and Learn Your Purpose in Life

Tess Tetrault

Join Tess Tetrault for a journey of discovery and healing, where you will learn to read your Akashic records. Your Akashic records are a non-local catalog of all the emotions and experiences your soul has ever had. Your records represent the lifetime chronicles of your eternal being.

Tarot as Entertainment: Parties, Live Events, & Working with Agents

Amy Forman

Most people believe that a career as a tarot reader looks like a full calendar of private one-on-one readings with some online content to educate seekers and drive business traffic.
This is a fantastic way to set up shop but listen up! Professional tarot readers can significantly increase their earning potential by offering tarot parties and live-event services.

Closing Ceremony

Christiana Gaudet

Christiana leads the conference in the closing ceremony. Join us in a moment of appreciation and affirmation, as we share our joy of tarot, art, divination and community.

Transform Yourself Inside and Out with Glam Magic

Teri Salomoni

Glam magic sheds your inhibitions and insecurities. Become the person you always desired you could be.
I will teach you ceremonies and rituals that will transform you into a confident, sensual goddess.
With potions and herbs, I will teach you how to attract others. With tarot, we can learn what is holding you back from the life you are capable of creating and how to live a life full of magic.

The Petit Tableau: Expanded Spread

Michelle Barrie

Welcome to “The Petite Tableau: Expanded Spread,” a captivating Lenormand workshop that will help enhance your divination skills. This simple technique was born from the desire to unravel the mysteries of what lies ahead during a reading without having to shuffle and recast the cards.

Famous Foursomes: A Celebration of the Elements!

Frank Kwiatkowski

The four classic elements are literally everywhere. Both the physical world of nature and the inner world of the psyche are comprised – at the essential level – of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that we would find the elements throughout popular culture as well!

Kabbalistic Tarot: The Five Worlds Reading

Mark Horn

In the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah, it is taught that the universe was created in 5 stages, or worlds. And that because Creation is an ongoing event, not only do we always have access to these different worlds—it’s our responsibility to participate in this ongoing Creation. These different worlds correspond to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the teaching that everyone’s soul has five levels—and of course they also correspond in tarot’s four suits of the Minor Arcana plus the Major Arcana.

2024 VIII Strength – The Power of Centeredness

Katrina Wynne, M. A.

As most Tarot folks know, Key VIII can be represented by either the Strength/Lust card or Justice/Balance/Adjustment, which will not only be explained, but touch you in a much deeper way as I share my 50+ years’ experience with these image exemplars.

Tarot On (and Off) Stage

Rebecca Hart

How does a performer and writer who is also a lifelong tarot enthusiast create and perform a solo theatre piece? We will find out in this exciting session! In an interview with Mary Ellen Collins, Rebecca will share her story and her insights.

Si Habla Español – Learning how to divine with the La Baraja Española aka the Spanish Playing Cards

Ms. Angelique Luna

Cartomancy is a form of divination. Most think of traditional playing cards, tarot cards, Lenormand, and oracle cards. How about the La Baraja Española that has existed since the 15th century!
La Baraja Española is deeply embedded in Latin American culture and is commonly used by curanderos (Shamans) and brujos (Witches) in their practices.
I will be discussing the history of the cards, their meaning, and how they compare them to the other cartomancy divination.

Tarot, Scent, and Psyche: Creating Magical Potions, Using Tarot Correspondences, Symbols, and Elemental Energies, in Conjunction with the Plant Kingdom

Ailynn Halvorson

The power of the tarot is unsurmountable when you call in the energies of the plant kingdom as an ally. As we work with the tarot, we can create magical potions and teas by connecting plant energies with the tarot symbols, correspondences and the elemental energies that flow through the cards. In this class we will learn how to connect the plants with the cards. I will demonstrate how to create a planetary oil based off of a chosen tarot card’s energies.