Birgit Kiemes-Windmill

Astrologer, Diviner & Cartomancer

Growing up in Southern Germany Birgit Kiemes-Windmill started pendulum dowsing when she was just a teenager. For her it was so fascinating! Later she studied Astrology, including Horary Astrology, and underwent an intense two-year education program with John Frawley (London). This was the best ever for Birgit! She found it an amazing technique!

As laptops were not then being used to create Horary charts, she started to do card readings enabling her to be more flexible in her readings.

For some time Birgit has been doing Horary Astrology readings for a number of clients and taught Horary Astrology at in presence seminars and as well via online courses. For Birgit Horary Astrology has always been an important pillar in divination besides Lenormand, Kipper and Tarot. It is quick and clear. Just amazing! The courses developed by Birgit are available on the WDA teachable platform.

Natal Astrology combined with Horary Astrology

Natal Astrology gives us information about our self, our strengths, and skills. It helps us in vocational questions, to find the right path out of a crisis.

Horary Astrology gives us more detailed information, which job offer to take, when will we find prince charming, when to have a party.

Birgit will guide you through a chart where the techniques work hand in hand and give us priceless information.

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