Southeastern Tarot Artists and Readers Conference 2023

January 20th through 22nd, 2023

Live in West Palm Beach, Florida
& Virtually Everywhere
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David Zunker

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher & Ceremonial Magician

Hi, I am David Zunker. I am a life-long mystic. I have been doing Astrology and Tarot for over 40 years. My life has been a spiritual journey. I came out of a large suburban Catholic family, where I communicated with my Guardian Angel as a child. I began my study of Astrology at 17. My involvement with Tarot began in my early 20s. At 27 I was fortunate to meet my teacher of Qabalistic Ceremonial White Magic. Ms. Squires was a member of The Servants of the Light and involved in the Vancouver Theosophical Society. I was taught and initiated in Wicca in the 1993 through the Order of the Star Sapphire. I now identify as a Goddess Primary Pagan Priest.

All the while I developed a forty-year career in Community Services, working in service to the disabled and marginalized. And I am a devoted family-man. I bring 40 years of experience as a Reader, a down to Earth perspective, and awareness of what lies beyond the veil of our 3D material plane to your Reading.

I am a co-founder of Serendipity Celestial College, which began as a Ceremonial Magic Study Group in Vancouver in 1985, and continues with classes and events. I teach Astrology, Tarot, meditation, and Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic.

I enjoy providing ritual events and workshops, which are not lectures, rather they are participatory and provide attendees with a spiritual experience. From a small group in my living room to employee training sessions to hundreds of participants at festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival and Lucidity Transformational Festival, I endeavour to open hearts and minds.

David presented Pathworking: A Qabalistic Tarot Meditation for 14 Temperance at StaarCon 2021.