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John Hijatt

Druid and Heathen Practitioner, Podcaster & Teacher

John Hijatt is an inclusive practitioner of Northern Germanic paganism. He has been a part of the Druid and Heathen communities since 2006, currently serves on the board of The Troth (an international inclusive Heathen organization of which he has served as the acting president), and facilitates his local Heathen kindred.

In 2016, he started the Gifts of the Wyrd podcast with topics and interviews about inclusive Heathenry. He has worked with runes since 2009 and teaches workshops about their meanings, divination, and magickal use.

He has had articles published in journals printed by Ar nDraiocht Fein and The Troth as well as The Cartomancer magazine. He is currently working on a writing project for using runes in magickal practice.

John presented Bindrunes: Rune Sigils for Today at StaarCon 2021.

He will be presenting Engaging the Runes: Establishing a Connection for a Vibrant Relationship at StaarCon 2022.


Engaging the Runes: Establishing a Connection for a Vibrant Relationship


So you wanna meet the runes? How can you get to know the runes and integrate them into your practice?

This workshop will introduce you to the runes. We’ll learn a little about their background, the importance of Germanic mythology, and ways they reveal themselves to us today as we work with them for magic, divination, and esoteric practice.