Kristen Barnes

Tarot Professional & Clairaudient

Kristen Barnes has had a couple of interesting professions including international flight attendant, but none dearer to her heart than being an intuitive tarot reader.  She has been a student of tarot for over 30 years and reading professionally for over 20 years. She calls herself a student because her knowledge base of the cards is ever-growing and expanding. She honed her skills as a reader in the world-famous Jackson Square. In addition to reading for clients privately, she currently reads at one of the most well-known esoteric shops in the mystical city of New Orleans, Voodoo Authentica, located in the heart of the French Quarter. She interacts with clients from around the world and uses tarot as the primary vehicle to assist her clients, not only as a predictive tool but also as a means toward self-actualization.

Her approach is genuine and straightforward yet compassionate. She sees the cards as giving her snapshots of the energies around a person while also incorporating her skills as a clairaudient. She believes that although some things are beyond our individual control, we do have free will. Tarot gives her the ability to help her clients navigate through life with more clarity and awareness in order to have accountability, make more informed choices, while still remaining hopeful regardless of the circumstances they face.

Kristen has been invited to read in well-known esoteric shops in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Cornwall, UK in addition to being a reader at the Anne Rice Vampire Ball.

Let’s Make a Gris-Gris Bag!

What are Gris-Gris Bags? How are they used? In fact, how is “Gris-Gris” even pronounced? Unveil the mysteries of this powerful spiritual amulet in a hands-on class with Mam’zelle Kamille. Join us to create your own Gris-Gris Bag while immersing yourself in the colorful history, traditional practices, and empowering personal blessings of this New Orleans spiritual staple.

Incorporating Magickal and Spiritual Traditions into Tarot Reading

Until in the hands of a skilled reader, tarot is merely 78 plastic-coated pictures. In order to give them depth and explore their overall accepted definitions in a way that is unique and meaningful each time, the reader must go beyond those definitions. One way is by incorporating magickal and spiritual practices. In this segment, Kamille will explore why this is beneficial to both reader and client and demonstrate how to do just that in order to prepare for and give a 30 min reading.

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