Southeastern Tarot Artists and Readers Conference 2022

January 21st through 23rd, 2022

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Mary Ellen Collins

Intuitive & Life Path Messenger

Mary Ellen Collins is an intuitive and a life path messenger who has a personal mission to explore the world of spirituality and pass that information on to others. Mary Ellen combines her passion for metaphysics and her gift for communication to create insightful readings to help her clients understand their current path in life and make informed and empowered choices. 

She has been reading and teaching tarot for over a decade and also works with an oracle based on the ancient method of divination known as lithomancy; the Crystal Oracle. Mary Ellen teaches tarot and crystal workshops throughout South Florida and has presented workshops at tarot conferences nationally as well.  Most recently she had become a novice astrologer to further her ability to serve as a messenger to others. 

Mary Ellen presented Astrology Basics for Tarot Readers at StaarCon 2021.

She will be presenting Casting Charms for Divination at StaarCon 2022.

Casting Charms for Divination


Casting charms is a unique way to work with the energy of divination.  In this workshop you will learn how to create and work with your own oracle using sample kits of charms.  Then we will combine the charm casting process with a tarot reading to give it depth and nuance.

This class will feature lots of hands-on practice exercises.  Everyone who takes this class remarks about how much fun it is!  One bonus of the class is that as a result of the practice exercise, participants receive a free mini-reading from one another so be sure to come to class with questions!  Please note that if you are new to tarot there are decks that you can borrow.

Note:  To prepare for this class, start saving items from your junk drawers, jewelry boxes, craft supplies, etc.  You can use small charms, coins, tiny toys…anything that inspires your imagination!  (Sample charm sets will be used in the class to give you an idea.)

Reading Stones and Cards with Mary Ellen Collins


Mary Ellen Collins is a tarotist, astrologer, and a diviner who uses many tools. At StaarCon 2021 Mary Ellen presented “Astrology for Tarot Readers”. We are excited to welcome her back to StaarCon 2022, where she will give a presentation on creating and working with charm oracles.

In this episode of StaarCast, Mary Ellen teaches us how to create and read with a crystal oracle, and how to incorporate crystal reading with tarot.